Dimples On Lower Back: Meaning, Causes And Facts About Venus Holes And Apollo Holes

As different person, there are distinctive characteristics that makes you stand out from all the rest. Several of the people are special due to their back and the meaning of it.

If you are one of the people who has these holes in your back, then you’re considered to be exceptional. Not all persons have this.

Do you know what is the definition of it? The symmetrical holes are found at the lower back of the person. These are concerned to as the “Venus Holes”. For the men, it is called “Apollo Holes”.

Image Courtesy via Qoura



It’s a value or a mark of attraction and beauty. These are found at the lower back attaching the 2 bones to the pelvis. It can be seen from the people who have big sized ligaments and has a genetic quality.

The Key Is in the Position of the Bones: They Provide Better Circulation and Make It Easier to Achieve One. Unfortunately, There Is Not Enough Scientific Data to Confirm This.

Even Though Their Shapes and Depths Vary, They Don’t Point to a Problem in Your Spine or Another Condition. It is also said to be a good indication of circulation in the human body which helps in the easier orgasm of a person.