Filipino Shoppers, Destroys A Shoe Shop’s Sale Event

Did you know what is bargain? It is a product that sold at a low price, or a lower price than usual. We, Filipinos love good bargain.

That is why many of us is willing to jam with a massive people knowing they might be hurt or injured.

This happens when there is a sale events at malls or a grand opening to get a various items at discounted prices.

Image Courtesy via Auffie Anne Beatrice / Good Times

But the etiquette that must be applied are being lost. They think on what they could get without even thinking about others. For instance, the Pinoy Shoppers who damage this shoe shop during a sale event that leads to a broken shelves, discarded goods and even torn shoes and boxes.

The location of the said shoe shop was not mentioned but according to her caption, it was apparent that this happened in the Philippines.

Image Courtesy via Auffie Anne Beatrice / Good Times

One of the social media user, Auffie Anne Beatrice shared a post and photos of the damaged shoe shop with a caption of “Sorry. Filipinos are irresponsible and insensitive shoppers.”

The boxes and shoes were left on the floor, trampled down by the other shoppers who were also in a hurry to score their shoes at a super discounted prices.

Many shoes were damaged whiles others are struggling to find the pair of shoes they wanted to buy because there are carelessly thrown away by those that went to the shelves before them.

Image Courtesy via Auffie Anne Beatrice / Good Times

“Imagine all the work and over time you have caused the employees when in fact these were all properly arranged and put in order for your own convenience,”

Beatrice wrote. “Other shoppers were left to scavenge for the other pairs of their shoes as well as its boxes.

Image Courtesy via Auffie Anne Beatrice / Good Times

While others waited and lined up only to leave the store empty-handed since “shopping” was almost made impossible due to the trail of shoes all over the floor and ripped boxes. Filipinos can give straight high blood pressure.”