Amazing Reason Why You Should Leave a Coin in the Freezer Before Leaving the House

Digital clocks has returned their analog counterparts a long time ago. They’re currently build in various pieces of technology in our home, so we do not have to incline on batteries in order to tell the time.

There is, nevertheless, one issue with digital clocks – they’re only good until there is electricity.

If a power outage hits, they will not display the correct time and you need to set the time yourself, if you live in a place with often power outages, it can become pretty annoying.

Another issue is that you do not have an idea how long the outage lasted. You simply see the reset clock on the fridge, aiming that it was not days so everything’s thawed and rotten.

Even if the electricity comes back after a several hours, the food freezes again, which is a huge issue, as few foods go bad rapidly.

This can lead to salmonella and other harmful bacteria getting scatter rapidly, increasing the risk of infection.

In this article we will share to you the easy trick that can stop your food from going bad when there is no electricity.

The same trick will support you confirm either the food has been defrosted because to hours of no electricity.

You will only require a cup, water and a coin. Pour the water in a bowl and put it in your freezer. Allow it to freeze the whole night, then place a coin on top.

When you come back home after a long vacation, see the bowl – if the coin is still on top, everything is fine. If it is at the bottom, nevertheless, there was no electricity for a few hours, so the food has likely gone bad.