Lucky Couple Had Found A Treasure In Their Under Renovation Home

Having a house renovation or house improvement, it is a way in re-modeling is the process of renovating or making additions to one’s home.

Home improvement can consist of projects that upgrade an existing home interior, exterior, or other improvements to the property.

Just like this couple from Phoenix, Arizona, Eddie and Angel they have accidentally discovered a secret safe filled with valuables and bank notes after trying to do a little renovation on their house.

Home is not just a house. Home means an enjoyable, happy place where you can live, laugh and learn. It’s somewhere where you are loved, respected, and cared for.

Renovating it will give you more presentable and relaxing atmosphere that will fulfill your satisfaction in life.

As stated by Eddie and Angel, they just simply trying to fix the upper border part of their house as they have uncovered a mysterious safe code behind the medicine cabinet in their room.

Little did they know that the safe code they found might help them open a pleasant treasure. They found a strange-looking box they tried few attempts of breaking into the safe, they had unearthed quite a bountiful cash.

Mostly in hundred dollar was found which is $ 51,080 and also a vintage bottle of a bourbon which is dated back to 1960’s. Aside from that, they also found an interesting book titled as “A Guide for the Perplexed” that was published back in 1977 on the hidden safe.

It also came with a black and white photo which may be denotes a hidden secret on that existing place. The photo had a message which says that “Alan, I have a book you must read. I’ve underlined a few key passages. Your friend, Vincent”.

Also, Bingo card was found in between the pages of the book with an “x”mark over the MESA located in the state of Arizona.

Maybe the couple had so much fun by doing some adventures and discover different treasures through the use of the hidden maps and clues.